Goose Flash


Goose allows a user, with access to two computers, to cobble together something like the multitouch interface of an iPhone. (There are some other examples of the multitouch interface here and here.) Since computers only have one cursor on the screen at a time, it’s necessary to involve two computer to get the two cursors. The Goose set of classes uses Robin, another set that allows real-time interaction over the internet, to ‘talk’ to another computer.

The example shows an image that can be enlarged or shrunk down by pushing or  squeezing the two cursors, when it is shrunk down far enough the image changes to one of a crumpled piece of paper. It can then be placed into the garbage can icon, causing a restore button to appear which re-adds the photo image when clicked.

For my experimentation I replaced the images with a photo of man and wrote the words CRUSH HIS HEAD above him. When two users squeeze on either side of his head it is replaced with an image of a smaller, more expressively surprised face. I had to adjust the code so that his head could not be moved around, as that doesn’t really fit into the idea, as well as dragging the garbage can off stage.

The download and instructions are available at


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