Robin Flash


Robin allows the user to partake in real-time communication within a flash application, using PHP, for multiuser games and chats. The examples provided include a two person chat, a simple game where you can both pick up a grey ball and move it around the screen, and a valentine where you pick up your avatar and join hands with their avatar.

There are many examples of this technology outside of Flash, MSN, MMORPG’s , etc. OMGPOP‘s Draw My Thing is another example of a multi-user drawing game done within flash.

For my exploration of this Flash Class, I attempted a drawing chat game, where both people could pick up an image of a crayon and draw with it. Unfortunately I didn’t succeed it getting the line to show up in the other person’s window, you would only see the line you had drawn, though you would see the crayon moving on both screens.

The download and instructions are available at

Some more examples of flash multi-user:

Flash games, they also have iPhone versions of some of the games.

A portfolio website that uses a flash Chat function on the sidebar.

Allows everyone to draw on the same page, like a public bathroom door on the web.

Purchasable flash chat scripts.


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