Woodpecker Flash


Woodpecker is a flash class that allows the user to animate to sound frequency, so the visuals will respond to the sound you tell it to.

The best known example of this outside of Flash is Windows Media Player, which will create various adjustable visuals to the sound you play using it. Of course, with Flash you are able to make many more adjustments, create your own visuals, and create your own code to interact with the user.

I created an undersea landscape with pulsing jellyfish that moved to the music.

The download and instructions are available at woodpeckerflash.wordpress.com.

Here are some more examples of visualized sound frequency at work:

Flash Sound Matrix
This is just awesome.

This site creates the sound when you roll over the glowing balls and also animates in reaction to said noise.

Visual Sound
A little buggy, but allows you to visually see the changes in panning and volume.

Java Applet
This is a Java Applet that shows you the frequency as well as a few other options.

Lip Syncing
Instructions on how to use sound frequency in lip syncing within Flash.


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