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Penguin allow you to create tilting for mobile devices (outside of the iPhone, which won’t allow Flash). It comes with an emulator so that you can test what you’ve created before exporting for a mobile device, or if you don’t have a mobile that would allow you to test it (like an iPhone…). Some other […]

Woodpecker is a flash class that allows the user to animate to sound frequency, so the visuals will respond to the sound you tell it to. The best known example of this outside of Flash is Windows Media Player, which will create various adjustable visuals to the sound you play using it. Of course, with […]

Robin Flash


Robin allows the user to partake in real-time communication within a flash application, using PHP, for multiuser games and chats. The examples provided include a two person chat, a simple game where you can both pick up a grey ball and move it around the screen, and a valentine where you pick up your avatar […]

Goose Flash


Goose allows a user, with access to two computers, to cobble together something like the multitouch interface of an iPhone. (There are some other examples of the multitouch interface here and here.) Since computers only have one cursor on the screen at a time, it’s necessary to involve two computer to get the two cursors. […]

Ostrich Flash


Ostrich is a set of open source Adobe Flash classes that uses a web cam to create interactive video, allowing the user to manipulate what is onscreen with movement picked up by the camera.  The four provided examples include a cursor that follows your movement, rapidly fading pink spheres that appear wherever there is action, […]

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